Luxe on a budget: the Monday wishlist

luxe wish 2

1. Oh. My. Word. Look at that blender. It doesn’t go with our existing kitchenware at all (black and red) but my word. It is beautiful. It also comes in a mint version and a gold version, if you are so inclined. But the coppery colour has set my heart a-flutter, personally. £18.99 is a frikking STEAL for something so darn attractive. There’s also a matching kettle for £14.99. Avail for a limited time at Lidl from 16 Oct. Buy it, take photos, make me jealous. Read More


The Sunday Summary – a week in thrift


1. Library win

Everyone and their grandma seems to have recommended The Day of the Triffids as a chilling autumnal read, and so I was pleased to nab it at the library. Also – how nice (and coordinated) is that box of tissues? I think it’s v similar to the Orla Kiely print. 50p in Aldi – of course. I’m a bit of a weird fan of nice boxes of tissues… Read More

An empty and a spending challenge: Part 2, the Superdrug haul


So, as you’ll recall from yesterday’s post, I set myself the challenge of spending the £13 I could have paid for a Body Shop body butter on an alternative replacement, and to see what else I could get for that amount. Well, I did go slightly over, but I am feeling like a massive WINNER right now, as everything you see in the above photo totalled £13.15. Cha ching! Here’s the run down… Read More

An empty and a spending challenge: Part 1, The Body Shop body butter

Goodbye, sweet body butter.


I bought this passionfruit body butter from The Body Shop at the beginning of summer, and only have a couple of uses left. I love body butters for feeling a bit pampered, and for getting an all over body scent. I’d usually pick one up from The Body Shop site using one of their 40% off vouchers. However, when I clicked across to repurchase, I found the only offer available was 40% off when you buy five items (it’s now 50% off a £50 shop). I just don’t need that much stuff at the moment, and I ain’t paying £13 for a body butter. So, I set myself a (rather arbitrary) challenge.  Read More

A wedding outfit, on feeling special

I have been to a lot of weddings the past few years. A LOT. And to be honest, much as I love a wedding, I didn’t feel great as a guest. We weren’t exactly flush for cash and so I never felt very special – I’d be wearing the same H&M dress over and over and usually a pair of either uncomfortable or unfashionable shoes. Because if you don’t know whether your other half will have a job next month, you can’t spring on a new outfit.


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