The Works 25% off sale – move fast!

This is a super speedy blog post – today only, The Works has 25% off online. They have an abundance of children’s books, DVDs, toys, non fiction books, popular fiction, YA fiction, audio books, and MORE and it’s such a fantastic discount on stock which is already on the whole well below the RRP.

I’ve just done a Christmas shop on there and paid £30 for £85 (RRP) worth of stuff. I even totted up the cost quickly in Amazon and was at £75, excluding one item which I couldn’t buy on there, so they’re really not kidding that they beat the RRP.

Quick! Go! Now! (Quidco are also doing 18% cashback but I’m not sure if that will be invalidated by the discount. Always worth a go though!)


An empty and a replacement: shampoo


My hair is a weird one. Itchy, greasy scalp, coarse ends – lovely in the middle, prone to frizz and thick but also prone to flatness. It’s confused. So when I saw this now almost empty Tommy Guns Sage and Basil shampoo on ASOS, I snagged it, because: 1. The bottle’s pretty. 2. It’s herbally (I hate Aussie-style sickly sweet scents – bork). 3. It said it was ‘For Oily Confused Hair And Scalp’. Plus the price was okay – £5.50 for 250ml. Not extortionate.

But, I’m afraid this shampoo really disappointed me. Read More

Reading haul: library and Kindle

I know last week I moaned like a thousand times about how busy I was, but I did manage to get through a hell of a lot of books. I did spend a good… ten hours in the car going to and from the New Forest so that does account for some of it mind. And so I thought I would give a quick run down of the books I got through and how much it cost me to read all these.


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Two £2 things for Tuesday

This is gonna be a quick one. Here’s two items I bought for £2 each, to light up your Tuesday.

WP_20141017_002 (2) WP_20141017_003

1. This super awesome LED dinosaur nightlight we picked up at Sainsburys for my niece. She was absolutely enthralled by it and it came in handy as lighting/entertainment during a BBQ in the dark in the New Forest at the weekend with the in-laws. I can’t find a link for him online but he’s called Denzel so… I’d def recommend picking him up.


2. Book light. My last one died, this one probably will too in time, but it’s something I’m quite liable to step on/crush under my bum/leave in the car and then crunch under food shopping so… I won’t be buying a fancy one any time soon.

How very illuminating.

What’s the best £2 you’ve spent lately?