An empty and a replacement: shampoo


My hair is a weird one. Itchy, greasy scalp, coarse ends – lovely in the middle, prone to frizz and thick but also prone to flatness. It’s confused. So when I saw this now almost empty Tommy Guns Sage and Basil shampoo on ASOS, I snagged it, because: 1. The bottle’s pretty. 2. It’s herbally (I hate Aussie-style sickly sweet scents – bork). 3. It said it was ‘For Oily Confused Hair And Scalp’. Plus the price was okay – £5.50 for 250ml. Not extortionate.

But, I’m afraid this shampoo really disappointed me. I still got greasy roots pretty quickly, only they were accompanied by a weird halo of static frizz. I ploughed on using it because I don’t like waste, and I do like the smell (basil is heaven to me), but now it’s almost gone, I won’t be repurchasing. My hair was just not happy.

When I saw this other shampoo, I thought – eh, I’ll give it a go. It’s got tea tree, it’s got SLES but not SLS (which makes me itch), and the price is right. It looks like one of those Alberto Balsam shampoos I used to use in school – anyone still use them? I LOVED the raspberry one, so much so that a friend one day in form class was like “er, Amy, why do you keep sniffing your hair, you weirdo?” Hah. ANYWAY. This shampoo is really pretty nice. It cleans well, my scalp doesn’t itch, it smells pretty good, and while my hair is still getting greasy, the frizz has pretty much completely gone. Which altogether I would have been pretty pleased with for £5.50. Except this alternative isn’t £5.50. Oh no. This alternative came from Aldi. Does it cost the same as Alberto Balsam, since it looks so similar, I hear you ask? Nope. It’s not £1. This shampoo was 65p for 400ml.

Suck it, Tommy Guns. (Well, I do like your packaging better, but still. Maybe I could decant this shampoo into your bottle… that’d be weird… .)

That makes this Aldi Carico Tea Tree shampoo 16.3p per 100ml, compared to Tommy Guns’ £2.20 per 100ml. You could buy 13.5 bottles of the Aldi shampoo for the same price as one bottle of the Tommy Guns.

Maths is hard fun.

What are your bargains this week? Would you use a 65p shampoo?


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