Reading haul: library and Kindle

I know last week I moaned like a thousand times about how busy I was, but I did manage to get through a hell of a lot of books. I did spend a good… ten hours in the car going to and from the New Forest so that does account for some of it mind. And so I thought I would give a quick run down of the books I got through and how much it cost me to read all these.


Byron Beynon’s ‘The Echoing Coastline’ and Kathryn Simmonds ‘Sunday at the Skin Laundrette’, both poetry collections, free from the library


‘Pursued by a Bear’ by Dave Woolley and ‘Changeling’ by Clare Pollard, both poetry collections, free from the library


‘The Dig’ by Cynan Jones and ‘A Girl is a Half Formed Thing’ by Eimear McBride, both novels, free from the library


‘The Tooth’ by Shirley Jackson and ‘Terra Incognita’ by Vladimir Nabokov, both short story collections, and ‘Sleeping Patterns’ by JR Crook, a novel, bought via Amazon for £1.99, £1.99, and 99p (bought last year though) respectively.

So, that’s… nine books for a total of £4.97. Those short story collections aren’t available at the library and I really thoroughly enjoyed them, so I’m really pleased with that. Of course if I continue at this rate I’ll be spending £20 a month on books, which isn’t something I can always afford to do, but I’m pretty darn pleased with that.

If I were to do any video reviews, a Booktube type thing, would anyone be interested? Does anyone Booktube themself? Are you a library fan?


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