Two £2 things for Tuesday

This is gonna be a quick one. Here’s two items I bought for £2 each, to light up your Tuesday.

WP_20141017_002 (2) WP_20141017_003

1. This super awesome LED dinosaur nightlight we picked up at Sainsburys for my niece. She was absolutely enthralled by it and it came in handy as lighting/entertainment during a BBQ in the dark in the New Forest at the weekend with the in-laws. I can’t find a link for him online but he’s called Denzel so… I’d def recommend picking him up.


2. Book light. My last one died, this one probably will too in time, but it’s something I’m quite liable to step on/crush under my bum/leave in the car and then crunch under food shopping so… I won’t be buying a fancy one any time soon.

How very illuminating.

What’s the best £2 you’ve spent lately?



  1. hopeavenuejournals · October 21, 2014

    Where is the book light from! Love it!


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