Some things that make me go ahhhhh…

I am horribly busy with work at the moment. That’s good, of course, but I tend to hold my breath and hunch my shoulders and generally get very tense when there’s so much to do. So, here’s some inexpensive things that have been helping to bring those shoulders dooownnn…

WP_20141016_037 (2)

1. Wine

Yes that’s a drunk bottle. Shows I’m being honest innit. This one was a slightly more bargainous bargain as it is presently a whole 20p off at Aldi(!)

2. Hand soap

Weird one, I know, but I am terrible for having my head in my hands at my desk. So why not make those little paws smell soothing? I really like this Palmolive lavender and chamomile soap – not drying on my eczema and I can pick it up in Poundland. Plus the packaging is really lovely. Winner.

3. Hand cream

This is a new purchase – usually I just use whatever’s come free with a magazine and claims to be worth an extortionate amount of money. Trouble is I don’t always like the scent. So, following in the path of the above, I picked up this lavender Yardley one for £3.99 and it is really very nice. Even my wife’s been using it, and she’s got the softest skin ever, so it’s definitely for the sensory experience.

4. Candle

I love me some home fragrance and this candle from TK Maxx is one of three I bought back in spring. This lavender chamomile one it a very strong, deep fragrance, rather than the soft sweet hand wash above. It’ll fill a room with scent in no time and as soon as I light it, I know it’s chill out time. These candles have 56 hours burn time – but I feel like this one’s beating that based on how much I have left… it was £6.99 which I think is incredible value. Stuff your fifty quid Jo Malone, get checking out TK Maxx’s great options.

It’s not exactly a spa retreat, but it’s these little elements that stop me completely tearing my hair out. No joke – I have trichotillomania, but just for my eyebrows (really) – as soon as I get stressed, the baldy brows return. Weird, right? Anyway… what are your little cheapo things that calm you and keep you going?



  1. hopeavenuejournals · October 19, 2014

    Love this! Stuff your fifty quid Jo Malone 🙂 really enjoy your blog!


    • TheCautiousConsumerist · October 20, 2014

      Oh thank you so much! I’ve been a little quiet the past few days as I’ve been so busy but this is a real boost to encourage me to keep posting 🙂


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