Quick, naughty and dirty: face wipes

Face wipes. Quick. Naughty. In this photo, dirty.


These are my favourite ever face wipes. It’s rare I use them but when you just want your face OFF but don’t want to leave the sofa, they’re ace. They smell like vanilla. They’re not drying. You only need use one. They contain shea and Q10 and other aceness. And they’re cheap.

They’re less than £10.

They’re less than £5.

They’re less than £1.

They are – 50p a pack. Yup. I got a single pack in Poundstretcher but usually pick up two for £1 in Poundland.

Please, ‘Pure’, never ever stop making these. I ain’t spending £12 on face wipes. No way no how. If you see em, buy em. If you hate em (you shouldn’t), use em to wipe up spills in the kitchen and then shrug it off as 50p invested in an experiment. Em… that’s all.

Quickie post for a quickie product. What’s your favourite quick and easy beauty product?



  1. Caroline · October 16, 2014

    Wow, what a bargain. Am definitely putting these on my Poundland list for next time I pop in – thanks for the recommendation. Mine is: NYC Showtime Mascara from Superdrug, £1.99. Just as good as any of the £20+ mascaras I’ve ever tried!


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