The Sunday Summary – a week in thrift


1. Library win

Everyone and their grandma seems to have recommended The Day of the Triffids as a chilling autumnal read, and so I was pleased to nab it at the library. Also – how nice (and coordinated) is that box of tissues? I think it’s v similar to the Orla Kiely print. 50p in Aldi – of course. I’m a bit of a weird fan of nice boxes of tissues…


2. Aldi ‘haul’

I picked up the best Welsh cakes I’ve had so far, along with my favourite hydrating serum for £3.49, and Dawn O’Porter’s Paper Aeroplanes for just £1.99 for my wife, as I think she’d enjoy it.


3. Rainy Day nails

This nail polish was such a bargain – £1.49 and buy one get one free in Superdrug. I painted with it one rainy lunch time and it’s lasted a good four days before starting to chip (with a top and base coat). Tres pleased.


4. Reading materials and buying with thought

I LOVE AUTUMN. I’ll say this over and over. Because it’s true. And I love home magazines around autumn too. I used to have subscriptions, but really, it’s just the autumn issues I want. So now it’s just the autumn issues I buy! This Ideal Home comes with chalkboard stickers and a chalk pen which, though not my taste, I know my mum will love (she kept going on about chalk paint when she came to see us) so I’ll post these to her and get some brownie points.

It’s also been the Books are my Bag 2014 campaign this week, whereby you are encouraged to go into a book shop, browse, and buy. I popped into Cover to Cover in Mumbles and after a good 30-45 mins of browing, umming and ahhing, and getting in everyone’s way, I chose The Orchadist, a debut novel by Amanda Coplin. I’m still finishing off The Day of the Triffids (p198 of 233 as I type) but I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into this. It was really nice supporting a local book shop, the paper book industry, and a debut female novelist. Plus I got a free tote bag.


5. I need to lay off the hot chocolate and do more walks. But god I love hot chocs. We went up to Brecon today but no photos I’m afraid as on the way back the sat nav took us a bizarre and unattractive route, and that’s when we planned on doing all our snapping! Sigh. Do you have any thrifty successes this week?


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