An empty and a spending challenge: Part 2, the Superdrug haul


So, as you’ll recall from yesterday’s post, I set myself the challenge of spending the £13 I could have paid for a Body Shop body butter on an alternative replacement, and to see what else I could get for that amount. Well, I did go slightly over, but I am feeling like a massive WINNER right now, as everything you see in the above photo totalled £13.15. Cha ching! Here’s the run down…

B. nail polishes: Rainy Day and Woodland, £1.49 each (some colours are £4.99) and buy one get one free.


Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser, £2.99 (RRP £5.99)


Garnier Repair Milk body lotion, £2.68 (RRP £5.39) This is my replacement for the empty I mentioned, the Garnier shea lotion. Initial impressions are good…


Superdrug Black Cherry & Macadamia body butter, £1.99 (RRP £3.99)


Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3, £4.00 (no discount here)


“I’m sorry, Amy, did you just say you got two full sized nail polishes, a 400ml body lotion, a 200ml body butter, a 150ml cleanser, and a 12 shade eyeshadow palette, for £13.15?” I hear you cry… Well yes I did! I’ll give my opinions on the products in future most likely but for now I am just basking in the hauly glory.

I should add that these are all things I wanted, not things I just bought for the sake of it – I wanted an autumn nail polish, a new eyeshadow palette, a replacement body lotion, and I’ve had my eye on that cleanser for an eternity now. Plus the original body butter needed replacing!

Have you done anything like this before, redirected your spending and seen how much you can get?



  1. theworldofcos · October 10, 2014

    I need to go shopping with you! Great Job!


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