An empty and a spending challenge: Part 1, The Body Shop body butter

Goodbye, sweet body butter.


I bought this passionfruit body butter from The Body Shop at the beginning of summer, and only have a couple of uses left. I love body butters for feeling a bit pampered, and for getting an all over body scent. I’d usually pick one up from The Body Shop site using one of their 40% off vouchers. However, when I clicked across to repurchase, I found the only offer available was 40% off when you buy five items (it’s now 50% off a £50 shop). I just don’t need that much stuff at the moment, and I ain’t paying £13 for a body butter. So, I set myself a (rather arbitrary) challenge. 

Part 1. Could I find an alternative body butter I liked just as much for under £13?

Part 2. Could I get anything else in that £13?

Well, the results for part 1 are in: Yes. Sort of. The alternative I bought smells wonderful, has a great, very similar texture, and the price is right. The negative is, however, that where nut butters are at the top of the list with The Body Shop’s offerings, it’s pretty synthetic at the top of my new purchase’s list. Swings and roundabouts.

So, what is this butter, and what else did I buy? Well you’ll find out tomorrow, but I will say – I’m pretty blimming pleased with myself.

Does anyone else set themselves these kinds of spending challenges? Or is it just my own peculiar habit?


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