An empty and an alternative – or three: Liz Earle Eyebright

My feelings are mixed toward Liz Earle’s Eyebright. It’s a liquid that you pour onto cotton pads and then wipe across your lids or plop them on for ten minutes and chill out. I have eczema on my eyelids and work on a PC all day, so my eyes are forever in need of comfort.


Here I’m going to sum up the good, the bad, the would I repurchase, and the alternatives.

The bad:

It claims to remove light eye makeup. It doesn’t. Not unless you scrub at your eye, which pretty much defeats the point of a soothing eye lotion.

The good:

It’s lovely and cooling and soothing – which it should be, given it contains aloe and cornflower and witch hazel and eyebright. All very lovely stuff. It does depuff my eyes and I do enjoy using it.

The other bad:

The price. £10.75 is kind of a lot for something you just swoosh across your eyes that doesn’t have any long term benefit. Especially when there are cheaper options that do the same thing.

The would I repurchase:

No. And I would, in fact, be purchasing it for the first time, as this is something my gran occasionally buys me as a gift. I enjoy it as a treat but I would never pay for it myself.

The alternatives:

£10.75 can buy you a lot more than 150ml of watery stuff from Liz Earle. It could buy you… a two can dine from M&S. Five DVDs on loan from my local library. Three months of donations to WWF plus a pound to go on a scratchcard. Two big bags of guinea pig hay. A quarter of a tank of petrol (if your car is teeny like ours). I just don’t think a bottle of Eyebright is worth it, nice though it may be. So, the cheaper alternatives are (drum roll please)…

– A gel eye mask. This one was 99p in Wilkos, but Soap and Glory also have a little more luxurious offering for £6. I don’t need to tell you how to use one, but I can tell you that I really like mine. Plus – 99p-£6 for infinite uses vs £10.75 = no contest, really.

– Cotton wool pads. You’d need them to use the Liz Earle anyway, so they’re (sort of) free. I like to use them either with Brita filtered water (water from the tap makes my eyes itch so there’s a tip for you) or with icy milk. The lactic acid in the milk is great if my lids are a little flaky too as it’s a gentle exfoliant.

– Cucumber. It’s an oldie but a goodie for a reason, it really works. And it’s biodegradable/can be fed to guinea pigs when you’re done with it. Winner winner.

I know I’ve not told you anything you don’t know, but I just wanted to show that the Eyebright, in my opinion, doesn’t do anything the above three can’t. So if you’re pinching pennies, swerve this one and put your pampering pennies elsewhere. Like cake. Or candles. Or thermals.


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