Luxe on a budget: the Monday wishlist

If I were being bold, I would say this is a Christmas gift idea post. But I’m not. It’s only October. So it’s just… a wishlist. Here’s a roundup of some luxe-looking items I’ve found for less…

monday wishlist


This lavender massage candle is an excellent likeness for the Oskia massage candle, no? Except where Oskia’s offering is £34.50, this Sibel option is just £6.99 at Fragrance Direct. I would love to find this in my stocking post box because it’s nowhere near Christmas.


The mint trend ain’t going nowhere, and while I’m not completely on board – more of a strong neutrals (er, if you can imagine such a thing!) kind of girl, this purse is just lovely. The cheapest purse I can find in Osprey’s current range online is £75. But this clip top beauty is just £16.99 at TK Maxx. Put a scratchcard or a Waterstones voucher in there and I’d be your best friend for life.


Jack Wills – now, this is a brand I never thought I would like. As a student, you could tell who’d have the loud voice and entitled attitude as soon as you saw them in a Jack Wills hoodie. But – they have some really nice items, this necklace being one of them. The moon is sleeping! It just looks special, and would be lovely in a little kraft card box with some tissue paper and a hand written note. I can see it now. RRP – £14.50, presently £6.50 in the ASOS sale.

That’s the trilogy – nice to start the working week with a little payday dreaming, hey? Have you got your eye on anything?


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