The Sunday Summary – a week in thrift

I’m on Instagram now, so I have realised these weekly reflections will really mostly be – my Instagram with words. We’re all cool with that, right? Right. Good.

1. Library goodness.


We rented Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom for £2 at the local library and really enjoyed it. It’s a whistlestop tour of Mandela’s life up to his being elected president of South Africa, and I wanted to know more, but nonetheless a very worthwhile watch. Will need to read the book.

2. More library goodness.


I finished Doctor Sleep in just four days. One, because it was so good, and two, because I was off ill for two of those days, so in between YouTube, napping, and moaning, I managed to get quite a bit of reading done. I also picked up these two when returning the above, so will feed back on these soon.

3. Cheapskate’s chai, and 25p pie…


As it says on the little foil tin really. Love some marked down items and will scour the local Co-ops (Mumbles has two because companies love to monopolise a village’s spending, gits) in search of treats like this. Previous bargains have included steak for under £2, and sausages for 30p.

Everyone and their dog is blogging about chai at the moment, it seems. I love the Teapigs chai, but at £4 for 15 bags (while wonderful and much cheaper than going out for chai) it’s not an indulgence I can often make. So here comes a speedy cheapskate’s chai recipe.

– Pick up a supermarket own box of chai tea. These Morrisons teabags were about £2 for 50.
– Boil water, pour on teabag, fill mug halfway. Steep for a good five minutes. Bash it with a spoon a bit.
– Microwave a small cup of milk for a minute.
– Remove teabag, pour in milk.
– Done. It’s not Teapigs, but it’s a really nice cup when you take the time to steep well and heat the milk. If you have a coffee machine, it’s nice to froth the milk too, but then it wouldn’t be properly cheapskate would it?

4. Buy cheap buy twice – sweeeeets


Is it just me that always likes to pick up a bag of sweets before a long car journey? I think it’s because my parents always got wine gums when we’d drive down to visit my gran in Bedfordshire many many moons ago. Anyway, we were off to a wedding four hours away, and when in Lidl before leaving, I looked at the Haribo, and saw that I could get 100g more if I bought the Lidl version. #FAIL. They were horrid (now in bin hence empty pack for recycling) and so when we got into Northampton I picked up proper Haribo. Never again. (Some may say the never again should apply to eating teeth rotting candy, to them I say – pffft.)

What are your thrifty wins and fails this week?


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