Buy cheap buy twice: another concealer

In my previous ‘buy cheap buy twice’ post on the Maybelline Eraser concealer, I mentioned that my success with buying it spurred me on to order a concealer I have loved for years, but don’t buy, as I’m too stingy. Well, it’s heeeere…


I first tried this concealer about,.. ten years ago? Could it be that long? I’m pretty sure I was still at school, doing my GCSEs. I have always had eczema on my eyelids. It comes and goes but it’s a constant battle, and as soon as I get a little ill I look like I’ve been hovering teeny tiny sunbeds over my eyelids for a week. Er, know what I mean?

I’ve tried SO many yellow concealer alternatives, but the problem is they’re often too dark or too heavy for the eyelid area. Benefit’s Lemon Aid is light in both colour and texture, which stops it from clinging too much to any dryness – though I would still suggest you apply a good heavy eye cream and let that sink in first, if you’re prone to similar eyelid issues.

I managed to pick this one up for cheaper than the usual £16.50 – I found a 15% off voucher and so this came to £14.02 with free delivery on Look Fantastic. And it’s really worth it. I’m off to a wedding today and was feeling really self conscious about my lids, but now (bar worries of any dryness), I feel a lot more relaxed. In the pic below I’ve slapped it on top of the Maybelline as it arrived after I’d already got ready for a day at the desk yesterday, but you get the idea. Imagine it looking less dry.


I wouldn’t put this anywhere other than my eyelids. I’ve tried it on the undereye but it’s not got enough coverage. I’ve tried it round the nose and it’s too pale. This really is a very specific product. And one I am very grateful for being invented.

Anyone else use this? Anyone else got eyelids with their own peculiar habits?


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