Buy cheap buy twice: concealer

I was about to start this post saying – “I firmly believe in buy cheap buy twice“. Then I thought – bollocks to that, I really really don’t. It must be the tonsillitis talking. Anyway, what I do believe is – if you know you love a product, it works for you, and you’ll miss it if you don’t have it, then buying cheap is probably a bad idea. Why? Because you’ll probably be disappointed in the alternative, and end up buying the one you originally wanted anyway, ending up spending more in the long run, and wasting that alternative product.


I’m not saying to never try alternatives, but if it’s a product you’ve tried a lot of, and you know the ingredients and formulations that agree with you, unless you see a complete dupe, there probably won’t be much point in straying. I’ve swatched concealers, thought – “this isn’t as good as the one I like”, and then bought them anyway, because they’re cheaper. There is no logic in this. Perhaps if the one I liked was £40, but it isn’t. It’s £7.99. I need to get a grip.

If you told me this concealer was from, say, No7, or Revlon, or Lord & Berry, I’d pay the £7.99 no questions asked. But because it’s Maybelline, and I can see foundations on their stand that are cheaper, I waver every single time. No more!

Maybelline eraser eye concealer is the shiz. It’s light, it’s creamy, it’s illuminating, it covers my bags no problem, and I actually like the spongy applicator. Comfy on my undereyes. It’s exactly what I want, and yet, it’s taken me a year to repurchase since a lavender Dr Bronner leaked all over it mid-flight and rendered it dead. Because I’m stingy. Because I’m stupid. But now we’re reunited and it feels so good, and it’s a revelation. I’ve even ordered a different concealer that I love, and dream of, but haven’t bought for… three years? Because it feels like an extravagance to have a concealer just for use under my eyebrows (more on that to come when it arrives).





I’ve done this kind of thing in all aspects of life in efforts to save a few quid, and then ended up paying more in the long run. I’ve bought the one-ply toilet roll, the 50p roll on deodorant, the £10 straighteners, the £5 kettle. Do you know what happens? You whizz (lol) through that loo roll and spend more in the long run. The deodorant doesn’t work and you buy the 99p one and it does. The straighteners snag your hair and split the ends and you end up with damaged, not very straight hair. The kettle dies after six months, and you realise you probably should have gone for the one that was £10 down from £30 in Home Bargains. I know that at times in my life I would have been livid if someone suggested I was able to spend £10 on a kettle and still feed myself that week, but I would have been better off saving for the £10 kettle and using a pan on the hob/going without tea/getting one on Freecycle in the meantime.

Is there anything you’re suckered into buying cheap that just isn’t worth it?



  1. bhavi89 · October 2, 2014

    I have seen this product been raved about on beauty blogs. Unfortunately all the shades are too light for my skin tone 😦 lovely blog!! If you are free, would be great if you could check out my blog on x


    • TheCautiousConsumerist · October 2, 2014

      Mm drugstore brands are pretty poor for catering for a wide range of skin tones – in 2014, it’s weird. They’re doing themselves out of a lot of potential sales! And I sure will 🙂


      • bhavi89 · October 2, 2014

        I totally agree. They should offer more shades by now! Thank u x


  2. backtowhatever · October 2, 2014

    It’s the only one covering my bags and with a more or less normal price. I love it!

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  3. prettyfreshbeauty · October 3, 2014

    I’ve yet to find a concealer that I love as much as Tarte Maracuja in light/medium. Believe me, I would because that stuff is expensive. 24 bucks I think. I wait for a sale. Anyway, I recently special ordered Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer because it gets rave reviews. Two of them cost me 14. I am not impressed. I will stick to the Tarte for now 😉


    • TheCautiousConsumerist · October 3, 2014

      Agh that’s so annoying! I don’t like Rimmel face products, they make me itch. And of course now I am wavering on my own resolution, as you have me interested in the Tarte concealer…


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