Body Shop argan bath foam: a review, and an alternative

Sali Hughes says – “shower cheap, bathe expensive”. It stuck in my mind, and I thought on the whole she’d be right. A bath is an experience, a time to chill the flip out. Showers are for getting steamy clean. With that in mind, I picked up The Body Shop’s new argan oil bath foam for £8. £8 might not be high end, but it’s certainly more than I would spend on a shower gel. Plus all the bath foams in the big rectangular bottles for £1, £2, £3, just make me itch and sneeze. Not relaxing at all.


I really like The Body Shop. There’s a wide range of products and I like that they’re based on one key ingredient each – yes, not always right up there on the ingredients list, but it’s nice to think – hm, shea or mango, seaweed or tea tree.  It takes the guesswork out of buying online. So when I saw there was a new, fair trade, argan oil range available, in the basket the bath foam went. I was surprised when I went to pay that the foam was not included in any of TBS’ many promotions – 40% off, spend £25 and save £10, etc. At first, I was a bit narked – just because it’s new, it’s not on offer? But then I thought about it, and if that means better supporting the women who produce the oil, I’ll pay more.

The Body Shop Argan bath foam produces a good amount of – you guessed it – foam, and the scent is quite nice. Sort of warm, a little bit spicy. But for me, it’s not strong enough, or exciting enough, really. I also expected it to be super moisturising, but to be honest, I think I’ve felt softer (and had a more fragrant experience) after a dip in some Dove. It’s nearly empty now, and if you were ask me if I’d buy it again, it would be a sad “no”. If you gave me one for free I’d use it, but I’d still feel disappointed – “why don’t you feel more luxurious??” I would cry.

Now, if you’re looking for a softening bath that costs you less than £8, I have an alternative for you. Yes, I know above I complained at the lack of strong scent in the Body Shop offering, but what I am about to show you is unscented. Hypocritical? Maybe, but this alternative costs mere pennies. I call it – “Put a bag of porridge in your bath”.

Sold? No?

It’s really soothing on eczema, makes a lovely milky bath water, and with Scottish porridge oats in Sainsburys costing 70p for 500g, it’s a complete bargain.

All you do is: Take a handful of oats. Pop them into the centre of a muslin cloth. Tie that cloth over your hot tap and set the bath water running. When the bath is full, you can take the cloth off the tap, tie it tightly, and rub it across your skin. The muslin is gently exfoliating and you get a lovely squidge of oat ‘cream’ that oozes from the cloth. If you want scent in your bathroom, pop to TK Maxx and spend what you saved from not buying bath foam on a nice, strong, jar candle.

I love this, and it’s considerably cheaper than my showers. So go figure. Shower cheap … bathe cheaper? Do you have any bathing recipes to share?


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