Buh bye summer – an empty lotion and a hair accessory


Summer is officially over – it’s taken quite a while for Wales to catch on to what the rest of Britain knew, as even this weekend I was walking around in a t-shirt with no cardi, but now, finally, it’s autumn, my favourite season. Tomorrow is the 1st of October, which is super exciting to me as it’s my number ONE month. Golden leaves, crisp air, the smell of incinerators… perfect.

And with excellent timing, I’ve come to the end of my summer body lotion. This is Garnier’s Intensive 7 Days shea lotion, and I picked this up in Boots a few months ago for the bargain price of £3 (now £2.09!). I love shea butter – it agrees with my eczemaic, dry skin very well, but lotions containing it can be really expensive. I had a bottle of L’Occitane’s wonderful Shea Butter Ultra Rich lotion for a while, loved it, thought about repurchasing as it was originally a gift, and then saw it was £20. Erm, no thank you. This is a very nice alternative. It smells clean and inoffensive, rubs in easily, doesn’t leave a residue, and doesn’t irritate my skin while soothing any dryness. Does it last seven days? No. Well – I wouldn’t know, I shower too often to really put it to the test, but I would say I could comfortably go two days without reapplying this one.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would, but – if we’re talking autumn time, I would only recommend this to those who prefer a lighter lotion all year round and who don’t class themselves as ‘very dry’, only ‘dry’. I know that as soon as the weather dips and I’m in jumpers and scarves and what not, I’ll need something much thicker, as this is quite a runny consistency, and I need more of a barrier on my skin (though I still loathe any sensation of residue). So yes – if you fall in that bracket, I’d definitely pick one up.

Saying goodbye to summer also means saying goodbye to this summery Primark top knot bobble. I think it’s really sweet, and I now feel sort of annoyed that I didn’t wear this more. I thought it could be a little too young for me, and I always felt a bit self conscious wearing it. But do you know what, it’s reet nice, and I should have just thought – sod what people think, I’m using it. Power of hindsight hey?

Any autumn/winter lotion recommendations welcome (I love Aveeno but always like a shea or nicer smelling alternative to switch it with). And is there anything you regret not wearing much this summer?


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