A week in thrift – The Sunday summary

I thought it would be nice to do a sort of ‘Sunday summary’ each week of some thrifty hits of the week.

Unfortunately, I thought of this after the week was done with, so I just have the one photo. Fail. But I’ll tell you them regardless, and you’ll just have to use your imagination eyes to see them.


1. Finding Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep in the local library. I read The Shining at the start of the year and loved it, and so was super keen to read this. Being able to do so for free makes it even more enjoyable. #supportyourlocallibrary

2. Visiting our local castle – Oystermouth Castle. It was £2.50 each entry and was a lovely way to spend a dry autumn afternoon. As above – #supportyourlocalheritage.

3. Finding a pack of seven faux Buenos in Lidl for (I think) a pound. WINNER. Maybe not my waistline, but hey ho – it’s the weekend.

4. Not thrifty really, but my favourite concealer was finally back in stock online and in stores – I picked it up at the local Boots for £7.99 and while I would rather it were cheaper, I know that right now, no other compares. Plus I was pleased with myself resisting the 3 for 2 (yes, you read that right, I didn’t use the 3 for 2), because there was nothing else from the brand that looked good to me. I think it’s better to pass up an offer than buy some unnecessary junk. (You could say to stock up on that concealer, but I’d rather not risk it going off or being usurped – I am always open to that possibility). More to come in future on which concealer that is, I think.

5. Lidl wine. Nuff said.

What have your inexpensive highlights of the week been?


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