Moving and marriage – oh my

Moving house straight after getting married, whilst hellishly stressful, isn’t that uncommon. Something about taking that big step in your life makes other changes feel achievable. We moved almost 400 miles two days after our wedding. My brother in law and his wife both moved and got new jobs straight after their wedding. Friends of our moved to Australia the week after their wedding.

We did our wedding on a very strict budget, and I plan to talk more about that at some point. But for the moment I’m talking about something very specific, incredibly cheap, and super useful. Business cards in the thank you cards.

WP_20140922_032 (1)

Everyone was excited for our move, but texting people your address one by one as they ask (only for them to lose the message and ask again a week later) is slow and not that helpful for anyone. Slipping a business card in (with our new email addresses on there for good measure) was painless, and it’s something people can bung in a drawer until they need it.

We got ours from Banana Print as they seemed the best value, and we were really impressed. 50 cards in a little plastic case, for ‘free’ plus £2.95 postage. It’s one of those little touches around a wedding that don’t cost much but stick in guests’ minds. It’s also helpful if people want to post cards or gifts after the event too!

Has anyone else moved and got married at the same time? We ought to form a club!



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