Spade-a-like earrings

In the run up to my wedding I was on the lookout for a good pair of anchor earrings. I was married in a lighthouse with a reception at a sailing club, and really loved the idea of a piece of jewellery to fit with the day. There were two pairs that caught my eye – Kate Spade’s Anchors Away, and Vivienne Westwood’s Ceto Studs. The only problem was, they were £32 and £45 respectively. I just don’t have that kind of money to spend on a pair of studs.


Enter Etsy, of course. There were hundreds of different kinds of anchor earrings, but so many were shiny or wobbly or just plain cheap-looking. These are the ones that stole my heart. I loved the brushed gold finish, and the detail of one being  a ship’s wheel and the other an anchor was perfect. Even more perfect was the price – including postage, these set me back just £10.

On the day, so many people noticed and commented on the earrings, and now, almost six weeks later, there’s barely been a day I haven’t worn them. I also picked up a pair in silver for my wife to wear on the day, and it was lovely when people noticed that we matched.

Though I still think that the (now out of stock) Kate Spade studs are beautiful, I wouldn’t change mine even if you offered – there’s something so special about these being mismatched and from a small seller. That’s a tip I’d give for all aspects of your wedding, really – the magazines and websites try to sell from sponsors, from big brands, and weddings can seem so daunting and expensive – but they needn’t be. If you take some time and put the magazines down, you can end up with a really personal day that falls within your own budget. And a pair of earrings you’ll want to put in each and every morning.


P.S. The Etsy store now has in these adorable anchor and boat earrings too, how lovely.


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