GRAB IT QUICK – then calm down and enjoy


As part of the aforementioned care package my SIL gave us when we moved, she included a candle in a tin from Sainsburys – lavender and geranium. The scent is wonderful – herby, sweet, mellow – right up my alley. The throw isn’t amazing, but i keep it on my bedside table so it does the trick – couldn’t really be any closer to my nose holes.

When we were picking up the essentials last night of guinea pig food, dreadful eye cream I’ve binned straight away and put in my ‘fail’ column of my spending spreadsheet (more on that to come in future), and baby toys, I spotted the matching tealights and room spray on an end aisle reduced down to £1.20 and £1.75 respectively. £2.95! For a room spray! And 30 tealights! SOLD.

The scent of both is great, as with the tin candle, and the bonus of the room spray is you can blitz the whole house and then candle-throw is no longer an issue. I love the look of the This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray, and have ummed and ahhed over it for so long. £16 a bottle for something which may make me blotchy (I don’t do so well with the essential oils on my face) though, is just too much. £1.75 for 100mls of something I can spritz with abandon, if not on fabrics, is a pretty good sub in my opinion. And the packaging is so pretty – I would (and did) swoon at getting something from this range as a gift. Buy buy buy!


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