Coffees in the office

coffee 1I am a hot drink addict. Just putting it out there. I work from home now, and I dread to think what the electricity bill will be for the amount of times I boil the kettle between 8.30am and 4.30pm when they come and take our meter reading next month… My teabag and milk expenditure has gone through the roof since leaving the office for the spare room so … yeah.

When I told friends I was going to be moving to Wales and working from home, they all said the same thing – is there a coffee shop near you? You should go there on your lunch – to see people. To stave off the stir-crazy. I nodded, but in my head I was thinking – er, no, I’m not spending £20 a week on coffee! Besides which, I’m a loner anyway. Not hearing anyone slurp their tea until the wife gets home sounds pretty idyllic to me. BUT – fancy coffees do make me happy.

Enter these two Douwe Egberts beauties. My SIL bought these for us when we moved (as part of a wonderful moving in care package I nearly cried over, I was so happy). They’re £1.99 in the supermarket and are brilliant.

coffee 2

As you may be able to tell, the caramel is the favourite. It’s great with milk – like a caramel latte. The chocolate however, I like black. They’ve been a great mid-afternoon treat when I hit the 2.30pm slump, and I smile, thinking of the lovely care package they came in, the fact that one cup probably costs about 3% of the equivalent in the Costa down the road, and the fact that as I sip, I am surrounded by silence. Bliss.

* One thing I do like about the local Costa is hearing lovely Welsh people say ‘frothy coffee’ – makes me smile every time!


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