Your grandma’s favourite…

I thought I would kick off this blog with a simple post. This blog is my search for the better bang for my buck, my journey on trying to be a happy consumer. It starts with – body spray.

Now, don’t click away just yet. If you’d have told me a few months ago I’d own not one, but *two* body sprays, I’d have thought a personality transplant lay ahead for me. You mean sugary aerosols that fugged up changing rooms throughout my teens? No thanks. Then you’d have shown me these two, and I’d think maybe some sort of age acceleration was on the cards. Yardley, the grandma’s favourite, would be my spray of choice? Well, yes. They’re surprisingly good.


I found the Daisy spray when looking for knock offs of Marc Jacobs, er, Daisy. Of course. It was £2.49 in Boots (now £1.24!) and I thought – eh, why not – and added it to my online basket.

It arrived. I sprayed. It was great. It’s just… fresh. Ageless. Clean. And inoffensive. I’ll give you that the lasting power on skin isn’t great, but a few shots of this on a jumper and I’ll still get a whiff the next time I take it out of the drawer. I was sold. And so the hunt began for what else they had on offer. And then came some disappointment. I could see they had a peony version (which I had in my wedding bouquet), but could I get a hold of it? Could I heck. It was out of stock everywhere, and it became this weird obsession. I’d not even smelled it, but I knew… I had to have it.

Time passed, and my hunt fizzled out. Until – one day, in the pharmacy, waiting for some antibiotics for a horrid bout of tonsillitis, what did I spy…? I handed over the princely sum of £1.99 and shuffled home to sample. And it really does smell of peonies. Slightly alcoholic peonies.

WP_20140922_050 (1)

I said I’d keep it simple, and I really will – that’s all I have to say. If you want a scent for under £3 that can pass for a simple perfume and be sprayed with abandon, you’ve found it. And if you’re looking for a stockist, it turns out Amazon also has Peony, just in case you didn’t fancy a trip to a tiny pharmacy in South West Wales…


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